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American Resorts Association recommends San Diego or “America’s finest city” as it is nicknamed, as one of the top cities to visit in California. San Diego is famous for its parks, beaches, and warm climatic conditions which makes it perfect for a family vacation.

San Diego is home to a premier vari of world-class attractions that includes everything the shores of the Pacific has to offer.

Basking in the sun’s rays on the sands of a beautiful San Diego beach, encountering exotic wildlife at San Diego zoo safari park or reveling in the awe-inspiring architecture of Balboa Park are among the many family-friendly activities recommended by American Resorts Association.

In San Diego, everyone can find something that they can enjoy. One of the best activities that we suggest you include in your itinerary the next time you take a trip to San Diego is a visit to Balboa Park. With over 1,200 acres of lush grassland encompassing museums, stunning architecture, and the famous San Diego zoo and safari park, Balboa Park is easily the cultural epicenter of the city of San Diego.

Be sure to take the time to stroll through the beautiful orchards of the botanical garden with its plethora of flora from all over the world.

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American Resorts Association recommends visiting Beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego California

The San Diego zoo and safari park are famous for making you feel like you are in the middle of the African savanna or a tropical rainforest during the same visit San Diego Zoo Safari park.

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Take a safari in one of the trams or choose to view the park in a hot air balloon and observe the over 300 endangered wild animals in their natural habitats.

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Be it watching a cheetah outrun your tram, walking past fabulous lemurs or visiting the aviary; San Diego zoo has got everything to excite animal lovers of all ages.

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American Resorts Association also reveals that San Diego is a city rich history that can be learned in some of its great museums.

The USS Midway Museum is a perfect example and is one of the most visited ship museums in the world. The museum stands as one of the longest-serving American aircraft carriers to date and has more than a million visitors a year. The USS Midway officially started operation in 1945 and was retired in 1992, but is open to the public in the pier district of San Diego.

American Resorts Association reviews San Diego

One of the most under-discovered finds in San Diego is the Cabrillo National Monument. The Cabrillo National Monument built to honor the first European explorer to set foot in San Diego; Juan Cabrillo Rodriguez from Spain. This monument is both impressive and massive in size.

Visitors are allowed to take pictures as well as enjoy other exciting activities at this site including watching blue whales swimming in the ocean, hiking well-groomed trails, and just having a good time enjoying the beautiful scenery of the city and bay by having a picnic or taking photos.

San Diego has no shortage of beach and water activities for those who revel in the wetter side of life. The Pacific and Mission beach is a mile long strip of beach that is popular with most visitors not only as a great surfing destination but also as a result of the various nearby amenities and attractions. These two beaches are popular with sunbathers, people looking to take a casual swim and are also a surfer’s haven.

Located on Coronado Island which is connected with San Diego by way of a bridge; the Coronado beach is a strip of clean, pristine, white sandy beaches that are not nearly as crowded as other beaches in San Diego. The beach also boasts of calmer waters and is a much more idyllic atmosphere for families and couples to swim or snorkel. American Resorts Association also recommends this beach as a great photo opportunity as you can have the skyline of downtown San Diego in the background and the beach in the forefront.

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