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American Resorts Association, a top provider of luxury vacation provisions, shares Providence as the perfect place for a Rhode Island summer trip.

Providence presents travelers with entrainment, sightseeing opportunities, and exciting attractions. Being among the oldest in the United States, this city will entertain you and educate you all at once.

Sporting fans will find solace within the old city. With the recently renovated Dunkin’ Donuts Center, sports lovers can kick back and watch a variety of games. NCAA basketball and AHL hockey games are scheduled during the regular season. Don’t miss your chance to watch the Bruins shoot around some pucks.

American Resorts Association love to offer these handy tips that maybe one day you may consider visiting Rhode Island.

Nuzzled in downtown Providence, Barnaby Evans’ unique sculpture, Water Fire, attracts thousands of visitors each year. Immerse yourself in the soothing atmosphere of Water place Park and become a member of Providence while you enjoy the sweet aroma of burning wood and the calming music of famous performers.

Join the forty thousand who gather each night and cleanse your soul.
With parks, museums, and even a zoo, the city of Providence offers a variety of attractions. Roger Williams Park is one of the oldest parks in the city and will please history buffs. This four hundred and twenty-seven-acre park, which was given to the citizens in 1871, is beauty regardless of the season. Majestic, lush trees and sparkling lakes give Roger Williams Park the feel of an antique oil painting.

This family-friendly tourist destination should most certainly be considered when planning your next vacation. With adequate transportation, reasonable lodging, and delicious cuisine, American Resorts Association knows Providence Rhode Island is a fun, friendly, captivation city just waiting to be appreciated.

American Resorts Association has been one of the front runners of private member travel for quite some time. We love to send our members of dream vacations and hear back from them of the great times they had and can’t for the next one.

Life is short, and ARA can make travel much more affordable.

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