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American Resorts Association suggest visiting Canadas Oceans Playground.

American Resorts Association suggests that on the Eastern shores of Canada, you would find Canadas oceans playground Novia Scotia.

Being the second smallest Maritime province in Canada, it does, however, have many attractions.

Halifax is a port city and is the capital of Nova Scotia. Its waterfront is its main attraction. Here, you will find something to interest persons of any age.

halifax nova scotia tall ship

The waterfront is rich in Canadian history with two museums. The town also has a little-known connection with the Titanic disaster.

According to the American Resorts Association, a visit to one of the waterfront museums will give you all the details about this and many other legends and artifacts that have come from the sea. Also, there are events at the waterfront throughout the year.

American Resorts Association to places to visit on your bucket list.

Street performances by various artists make for great photo opportunities and also create memories that will last a lifetime. And another fun thing to remember is that there are food festivals all year round to keep the family happy. The best times to visit the Halifax Waterfront area during Autumn, Summer, and Spring. During these times, the weather is more favorable, and there are more festivals to keep the family entertained.

The Cabot trail is arguably the most renowned attraction in Nova Scotia, and there are many reasons why. It is located on Cape Breton Island, and Holidays Lounge has heard that is the best spot in Nova Scotia for outdoor activities.

Kayaking, whale watching, golfing, and many more sports and activities occur on this island. And for those looking for that extra adrenaline rush, you can also engage in motorbiking.

If you are not willing to get your hands dirty, you can choose to enjoy the breathtaking sights of this beautiful island. You can take a drive across the island and see the best that nature has to offer. By driving, you can also choose to enjoy the culture by stopping and attending various festivals and markets set up by the locals.

Lunenburg is a fabulous UNESCO World Heritage site that features unique architecture, which is another reason why the American Resorts Association recommends visiting here.

Lunenburg Harbor by Amrican Resorts Association

The buildings here were built during the 18th and 19th century, and they have withstood the test of time. With all the hard work and dedication of the people living here, the beauty of these historic sites will now be preserved for generations to come. While here, you can also check out the famous Canadian racing Schooner, Bluenose. This schooner went undefeated over its 18-year career and is a source of great pride for the Canadians. If you want to be a little more active, you can also cycle or hike at the Blue Rock fishing village located near Lunenburg. This is a place that you can visit all year round as most of the activities there won’t be affected much by lousy weather.

Peggy’s Cove has been a tourist attraction here for more than a century. Peggy’s lighthouse is the most historic and most famous in Nova Scotia; probably even in the whole world. This lighthouse has stood tall since 1915 and is the main attraction at Peggy’s Cove. Apart from this, you can tour the historic fishing villages that used Peggy’s lighthouse as a beacon to get safely home. You can also have a hike around the area, and you can begin to understand how the waves have shaped this spectacular landscape.

Peggy's Cove, St. Margarets Bay,

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