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American Resorts Association reviews an Adventurous Trip to Grand Canyon

American Resorts Association knows that sometimes you don’t have to travel very far or to some exotic land to see a fantastic landmark.

The Grand Canyon is one such landmark that is situated in Arizona. Its width ranges from 4-18 kilometers and has a diameter of 446 km. At a rough estimate, around 2 million people visit this beautiful national park each year.

American Resorts Association Review the Grand Canyon 2

The best travel experts understand that it is one of the most thrilling adventures you can take to be able to hike around and explore the Grand Canyon. The south side of the canyon is the one mostly seen by visitors.

Hiking is one of the most adventurous things that can be done in this canyon. It has some of the steepest rocks in the world, and people enjoy testing themselves. A 4×4 safari jeep ride is also available for all those who do not want to take the hike.

River rafting options are also available for those who want to raft in the river. Train tours and ranger-guided tour options are also available for visitors. These tours are available for all ages, but a few exceptions like a mule ride or white water rafting have restrictions.

American Resorts Association Review the Grand Canyon 1

American Resorts Association knows that there are different kinds of hotels and resorts available nearby that will be able to accommodate travelers while they experience the sights.

Also, it is only North a few hours from the Scottsdale and the Phoenix area that have many resorts. So the drive is easy, and once there you will be amazed at the breathtaking scenery. The other consideration is that is the Grand Canyon is a World Unesco Site. This for a good reason it is one of the most visited places from all over the world. So have a resort in Phoenix make for the ultimate day trip.

Once you arrive, you can see why the park is so popular, and the sights you will see are amazing, and the beauty is something you need to see for yourself. As the sunsets the color change before your eyes. Nothing comes close to the splendor of the Grand Canyon.

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