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American Resorts Association recommends tourist to explore New York City, the perennial king of worldwide tourist destinations. It sure is the place to enjoy a hundred and one different experiences, tastes, sights and sounds. New York is a mecca for dining, shopping, entertainment and cultural events and with so much happening, you can be sure there is something for everyone to enjoy here.

In fact, there is so much to do and enjoy in New York City that planning a trip there can be downright bewildering. American Resorts Association recommends that tourists interested in experiencing an educational tour of the area should visit its American Museum Of Natural History and discover the secrets of the past. The museum is the perfect place to learn and explore the natural world from the beginning of time.

Tourists can spend a whole day learning a lot from the exhibits displayed there. They can also visit its Hayden Planetarium the next day to understand the wonders of the universe and dinosaur exhibits. Children can take part in a Dino Dig and enjoy a fun scavenger hunt too. Many families pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it in Central Park after they have had their full of fossils, dioramas, and planets.

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New York City Manhattan Central Park

Our members know that New York City is a sprawling urban jungle, but there are no shortages of good playgrounds in which the little ones can enjoy outdoor activities. The Imagination Playground Park is an excellent place to enjoy family fun, as it is an innovative and immersive playground that offers pulleys, masts and other hands-on equipment for free-form play. This one park will make your New York’s must-see list.

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Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan At Night New York City

American Resorts Association members say that you should try to take advantage of the benefits of a customized travel plan as it works out to your benefit. Packing according to the types of activities that you will want to enjoy is a necessity. You can also gather a lot of the pertinent information about all the iconic attractions of New York from the internet before you go so you can enjoy a more stress-free holiday.

For example, you can obtain entrance tickets to many of the must-see attractions of New York like its Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and the Museum Of Modern Art on the internet.

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The Statue of Liberty

You can also make reservations for Broadway shows and restaurants well in advance of your trip. This way you get to enjoy the best travel experience and make the most of the time you get to spend in fabulous New York City.

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