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American Resorts Association prides itself meeting the travel wants and needs of every member, and online comment is better than ever before thanks to steps taken to eliminate the online brand confusion.

After Google’s Hummingbird update late last year, several similar words and phrases started being included with results for the original search. That means people searching for American Resorts Association would see results including other vacation clubs, and even some completely unrelated results.

For that reason, there has been a little confusion over which membership is being spoken of in online reviews — leading to incorrect reviews for another type of clubs being posted on pages dedicated to the American Resorts Association, doing damage to the brand’s illustrious name and history of customer service.

American Resorts Association has turned a negative situation into a positive one by taking several measure to make sure our brand is not tarnished and continuously improve the members experience for all and any future members.

Membership numbers are steadily on the rise and growing, while customer satisfaction levels are higher than ever thanks to American Resorts Association one on one customer service deals and travel offers.

American Resorts Association Marketing, Customer Satisfaction Changes, Draws Rave Reviews 2

American Resorts Association has always been an industry frontrunner by incorporating those deals with first-class member service and making every member feel special and deliver the best vacation experience as a company and go above and beyond

Members can travel to several top destinations, enjoying world-class accommodations in some of the trendiest locations around the globe.

By taking the appropriate actions, American Resorts Association has increased member satisfaction across the board, enabling members to save money while taking their dream vacations.

Vacations with American gives our members the right to choose from many resorts affiliated in our association with the tops names and destinations in the industry.

We always strive to create a vacation experience that will not just satisfy yet exceed the member’s needs and expectations. We want our members happy, so they tell friends and family, and our word of mouth reputation is very rewarding.

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